Love is blind is one of the most famous phrases of all time but don’t be blind in love is a new one, here we are going to tell you a love story of two love birds from Prayagraj

This strange case of cheating has become so famous now this news went viral on every social media platform. Actually, the lover and girlfriend has decided to die by jumping off from the bridge of a river cause they can not get married.

After made the decision they gone to the bridge, the girlfriend jumped off the bridge, but the boyfriend did not jump but here comes the twist actually girl knows how to swim so girlfriend swam out of the river and filed an FIR against the boyfriend.

Actually the girl is 32-year-old and married but the boy is of 30years woman fell in love with him and wanted to got married with him, one day she went to Pune for holidays with her family, in between her boyfriend got married to another woman.

When she got to know about this incident she got mad at her boyfriend and forced him to file divorce and get married to her. But after not getting any conclusion they decided to do suicide together.

The girlfriend jumped in the river, but the lover did not jump. He fled from the spot after the girlfriend jumped but the girl swum put and filed a case against him for cheating her.