Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor on Monday showed his lighter side by pulling his “All is Well” co-star Asin’s leg on her impending wedding at an event. Asin is reportedly getting hitched to Micromax co-founderRahul Sharma and while actress decided to keep mum on the topic, Kapoor kept dropping hints.

“Why don’t you say something? Should I get you a tablet?”, Kapoor said, hinting at the mobile phone company.

“Please say something, aap SHARMA kyu rahi hain? We haven’t heard anything from her (Asin). She is all the time Sharma’oing,” Kapoor quipped

Asin blushed after Kapoor’s response and quickly added, “I had this coming”.

In the film, Kapoor plays the father of Abhishek Bachchan whose love interest is Asin. The “Ghajini” star is making a comeback with the Umesh Shukla directed comedy after a gap of three years. “All is Well” also stars Supriya Pathak and is set to release on August 21.




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