American reality TV star Jill Dillard faced trolling after she has posted a picture in Instagram, in which her pet dog is drinking milk.

Jill wrote in the caption of the post that today I have given my pet dog my breast milk which makes the condition worse and her followers bruetly trolled her for this stupidity.

She told that she had kept a bottle of her breast milk in the freezer for the last two years and she added that her son had stopped drinking her milk but when he opened the fridge he wanted to taste it.

When she gave him milk to taste he did not like it so she decided to give it to her dog and the most weird thing is that she posted it in Instagram and told everyone about her wrongdoings with a caption .

After this post of TV star Jill Duggar Dillard, many of her followers also started trolled her and many people took aim at her but some also praised him.