Several biographies on Shah Rukh Khan are out — Shah Rukh Can, Still Reading Khan and SRK – 25 Years Of a Life, to name a few. To add to that, he had announced years ago, that he’s writing a book on his life, titled 20 Years In A Decade, the tome has been long-awaited and pending.

Selective memories

SRK insists that it’s not like other autobiographies. “It was meant to be an autobiography, but I found it really boring talking only about myself. So now, it’s just become a collection of very amusing, selective memories of the journey that I had, although I don’t know if people will like it.” He reveals that the story, like his other biographies, begins ‘with his birth’. But why the delay, we ask. He retorts, “It was meant to be for 10 years, but now I guess it has to be 20 years, since I started writing the book. So, I got delayed exactly by 10 years. New chapters kept on getting added. The earlier book ended with Aryan’s birth, but now, it will have to end with AbRam’s birth.”

He’s a little hesitant to talk about his work and achievements, he adds. “The only space I have got stuck in, is when I had to write about my work. So thank God, I wasn’t writing an autobiography in its truest sense. There will be three or four chapters just about my work. That’s all it is.”

No continuity

He continues, “Other chapters are about life and my experiences — some of the chapters are completely random and you can leave them. (Smiles) I have written, ‘You don’t have to read this’. There is no continuity in the book. Of course, it is like a movie — it has a beginning, an end with flashbacks and flash forwards. Maybe a song or two, too (Laughs). I am thinking about having a section of my favourite jokes in the middle — the jokes that I have always loved. It’s become a mixture, it’s not the classical format.”

Unspoken experiences

The book will also touch upon the ‘unspoken experiences’ of his life, that only few people are privy to. SRK says, “A lot of it maybe are things that I’ve spoken about, but I would like to add that there are certain things, which I don’t know how to speak to people about. Because one, they don’t ask me. Second, sometimes there’s not enough time. You can put it in a five-page chapter. There will be things which very few people know about me and some, of course, are things which generically people will know — how my mom and dad died and all that stuff. How I felt exactly when she died, nobody knows, so there’s a chapter on that. I don’t know how interesting it will be to others. Maybe, it will just be extra-sentimental.”

Writing as therapy

He calls it an ‘auto-therapeutic biography’. Quiz him on that and he explains, “It’s not written as a writer would. It’s written when the urge to write, comes. So in the loneliest, darkest of my times, I write the funniest chapters. That’s how it helps. So that’s the difference with this book.”