Ileana D’Cruz is the latest Bollywood actress to have spoken out against body-shaming. Calling out trolls on social media, Ileana shared a video to spread awareness about cyber harassment. The minute-and-a-half-long video sees a young woman — essayed by YouTuber Danielle Mansutti — being subjected to criticism for her appearance. At the end of it, the video highlights that 4,500 people in America commit suicide every year due to cyber bullying. The 30-year-old actress confesses that while browsing through her Instagram feed, the clip “stirred something” in her.

Ileana D'Cruz speaks out against body-shaming: It's easy to attack others

“It wasn’t meant to be something that simply goes viral. I hope the more people see it, the more they consciously stop bullying. That post gives you perspective on what it’s like being on the other end of a very cowardly attack. It can have serious consequences,” she tells mid-day. “There is an obsession over having a certain body type, a certain look. As a society, we need to appreciate people for what they are. It’s easy to attack others, but everyone is beautiful in their unique way,” she adds.

Choreographer turned Bollywood actress Lauren Gottlieb, was recently subjected to body shaming by a few of her social media followers. The star, was criticized by a few haters saying she ‘looked like a man’ and another who ridiculed her for ‘trying to look Indian’.Lucky for Lauren, her new buddy Ileana D’Cruz came to her aid and shot down the haters. The actress, who recently revealed that she was struggling with her body image, asked haters not to spread negativity if they had nothing nice to say.

It all started about a few days ago, when Lauren shared a post of wrongly being features with Shahid Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and John Abraham in the best dressed men’s list. However, things took a nasty turn when haters ridiculed her saying she ‘looked like a man’.